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Mee Ton Poe ( Hokkien Noodles )
Phuket Town

Phuket's famous dish, Hokkien Noodles

This is Famous Local Food. It is a famous restaurant in Phuket Town. popular sightseeing place about old town at near by.

Photogenic streets. Old Town.

Old Town. It is Famous Sightseeing Place.
Visit at Old Town and lunch in Mee Ton Poe also popular course.

Between Patong and Phuket town. have a Tiger Kngdom

Tiger Kingdom, It is popular attraction. Take Photos with Tiger.

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Popular Place

HOw long take to Mee Ton Poe

  • From Airport. Around 1 Hour.
  • From Laguna Area. Around 50 min.
  • From Patong Area. Around 40 min.
  • From Kata Area. Around 40 min.
  • From Ko Sirey Area. Around 20 min.
  • From Rawai Area. Around 30 min.