How to use APP?


You can find driver by your self!

Please input hotel name, Check-in name, room no and hotel phone no


You can download APP from store.


Input Discount Code.

You can use discount code for APP. 
Please input for 50B discount.
If you no discount code. Please ask to our operator.

Select Location

Please input Where to Where?

Select Pick Up Location.

Input Landmark name.

Select Destination.

Select Vehicles

Please input Where to Where?

Please select Vehicles. and you can see the price.

Input your Infomration

*You must have contact Thai phone no. (mobile or fixed line).
*(If you use hotel phone no, please give check-in full name & room no.)
*Simple one way ride in Phuket only.
*Driver will call you for final confirmation.e.

If you need taxi “right now”, you can use our TAXI APP.

When you need Discount code. please ask to oour operator.